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Other Events & Activities


Innovation JAM

Innovation is the act uncovering things of profound human value under situation of extreme uncertainty. It is also refers to novelty that solves a need exceedingly well. Design plays a key role in Innovation. InnovationJAM is a event as part of the USID conference, where a medley of diverse participants coming together, Immerse in some of the best practices around Innovation, Collaborate with other attendees to share, Uncover and amp; solve real life problemssolve real life problems through shared best practices.


Startup Showcase

At USID, we are constantly looking for ways to share the best examples of consumer experiences with our community of business, design and technology professionals. Startup showcase is USID’s attempt to provide a platform for next generation Indian startups to demonstrate world class consumer and user experiences. We strongly believe that Indian startups need to differentiate themselves through signature, high impact, effective user experiences that are as productive as they are aesthetically pleasant. Experiences that delight customers, improve quality of life and support user goals. Any startup with an interesting user experience innovation to showcase! Entries can be from Digital (Internet, mobile) desktop, new media, hardware and any other technology domains can participate. Each presenter will get 5 minutes to describe their product and share a demo. Presenters can showcase actual products or working concept demos (with 3-4 supporting slides). Demo can be run from a laptop or directly from device.


Academic Showcase

USID Academic Showcase is a platform to provide opportunities to the students of selected premier design and technology institutes to showcase/present their academic projects reflecting how they are creatively innovating addressing the complex problems and opportunities availabe with in sociala nd business domain. Each of the selcted institution can nominate 2 to 3 best projects done by their students. A jury nominated by USID Foundation, goes through all the projects and short list 6 to 8 best project which are invited to make a presentation during the USID conference. Each of the project team is given maximum 10 minutes to present their projects to the audience of the Conference. One winner and two runner up are selected based on audience choice and the jury points recieved during the shortlisting process.


Chingaari - Spark of Inspiration

Chingaari is an open event which offers a platform to listen to the exemplary, odds-defying individual or groups within our community, who share their stories that has not only positively impacted them but also had made larger impact or awaken the society, people, and their environment. The presenters need to express their stories through talks, videos, or PowerPoint presentations. It's a platform to interact, discuss and question to obtain more insight and inspiration from the presenters whose initiatives have already begun to make big impact on society, people, and their environment. It will also a platform for those who have some ideas for community-based initiatives for making positive changes on the people, society and environment, and want to share and seek voluntary support for their initiatives.


UX Design Awards

USID India UX Design Award is initiated to recognize the best User Experience & Interaction Design projects/assignment done by individuals, independent design professionals, design consulting and companies in India. The USID “India UX Design 2012 Awards” categories includes, Mobile application & services, Enterprise/Business, Healthcare applications and services, E-Commerce, Banking & financial applications and products, Website and Intranet, Social Media application & services, Gaming and Entertainment applications, Control & Instrumentation, Consumer Appliances & Gadgets.One best design will be awarded under each category. A GRAND AWARD will be awarded to one best choosen among across all the category.


Design & Social Film Festival

Films and Cinema through its audio-visual characters convey a powerful and effective means of communication. Films have great mass appeal and can play a very critical role in influencing the thoughts and intent of the people and society. Films affect our society through many ways such as influencing the beliefs and ideals of citizens, reinforcing the existing tendencies, questioning the assumptions, discussing issues that might lead to national conversations, and sometimes, they can also become part of the cultural vocabulary. Films especially documentaries and other off beat cinema have been instrumental in creating awareness and public awakening towards socio-cultural and socio-economic issues, which has been critical for the betterment and survival of the society and our livelihoods. USID Foundation strongly believes in the power of films, and is creating a pilot initiative to showcase short movies and documentaries reflecting on the socio-cultural and socio-economic issues, which are important for the sustainability. We also want our attendees to be exposed to documentaries and off beat cinema, which they might have been missing in their busy life.


Black Conference

A plugin event for Designers. In this first of its kind convention over 300 visually impaired delegates are expected from all across India. The convention will be a fabulous gathering of host of visually impaired professionals in many disciplines, artists, musicians, academicians and activists. This will be a unique opportunity for Designers to sit back, listen, interact and feel first hand issues that this community feels. Note: Only select 40 Designers / Design Students will be invited to attend.

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