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Innovation JAM


Startup Showcase

At USID, we are constantly looking for ways to share the best examples of consumer experiences with our community of business, design and technology professionals. Startup showcase is USID’s attempt to provide a platform for next generation Indian startups to demonstrate world class consumer and user experiences. We strongly believe that Indian startups need to differentiate themselves through signature, high impact, effective user experiences that are as productive as they are aesthetically pleasant. Experiences that delight customers, improve quality of life and support user goals. Any startup with an interesting user experience innovation to showcase! Entries can be from Digital (Internet, mobile) desktop, new media, hardware and any other technology domains can participate. Each presenter will get 5 minutes to describe their product and share a demo. Presenters can showcase actual products or working concept demos (with 3-4 supporting slides). Demo can be run from a laptop or directly from device.


Chingaari - Spark of Inspiration

Chingaari is an open event which offers a platform to listen to the exemplary, odds-defying individual or groups within our community, who share their stories that has not only positively impacted them but also had made larger impact or awaken the society, people, and their environment. The presenters need to express their stories through talks, videos, or PowerPoint presentations. It's a platform to interact, discuss and question to obtain more insight and inspiration from the presenters whose initiatives have already begun to make big impact on society, people, and their environment. It will also a platform for those who have some ideas for community-based initiatives for making positive changes on the people, society and environment, and want to share and seek voluntary support for their initiatives.


UX Design Awards


Design & Social Film Festival


Black Conference

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