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USID2007 : Living in Digital World, challenges for design...

Technology has become the driving force of change in the modern world. While hardware and software matured at a very fast pace, equal adoption of these technologies however continued to exclude individuals and communities from harnessing the true bene.ts. The power of design to link technology to the latent needs of users had not been fully exploited. The result is, failure to connect people with solutions that make a positive impact on their lives. What design techniques and methodologies should be employed that contributes to build an Information Society where maximum number of people can use technology with minimum effort?

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USID2008 : Design Innovation & UX, transfering businesses in the new economy...

Design Innovation & User Experience are the key drivers in the new economy that will build the identity and the distinctiveness required for businesses to stand out in the global marketplace. Innovation with focus on user experience can help businesses differentiate in the global marketplace that has no dearth of competitors vying to make their mark. It is these differentiations that will help marketers meet expectations of these sophisticated customers who are always on the prowl for the best alternatives. This new economy will be led by those who innovate - create, find, and combine Knowledge and User Experience into their new products, services, and distribution methods - faster than their competitors.

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USID2009 : Design for All - Usability Accessibility , Creativity...

New technologies of the Information Age making products and services evolve very quickly but the human diversity in age, culture and abilities making it difficult for all the consumers to take advantage of new possibilities of technologies. The human diversity in age, culture and abilities poses challenges for all planners, designers, technologist and entrepreneurs, to focus their attention to the design for human diversity, social inclusion and equality. USID2009 is an attempt to discuss and share how Usability, Accessibility and Creativity can help achieving the concept of DESIGN FOR ALL.

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USID2010 : Designing Consumer Experience for Emerging Markets...

Given the rapid growth, industrialization, and informationization of emerging economies, it is imperative for corporations, non profits and individuals working on developing products and services to not only be deeply sensitized to the culture, context and user needs of for these markets, but also apply adaptive and iterative innovation methods and to validate and evolve solutions rapidly based on ongoing customer alignment. USID 2010 is an attempt to cover innovation and design for emerging economies from many perspectives. We hope to initiate discussions and dialogues through market makers, field innovators, hands on designers, technologists, creative professionals, students and researchers, public sector entities and other key stakeholders required to foster and sustain ecosystems for innovation. Moving beyond just interface and interaction design and usability, USID 2010 will attempt to span the spectrum of challenges in emerging markets so our participants can learn and apply new insights in their own work and projects.

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USID2011 : Design for Social Innovation and Suatainable Development...

Design creates a bridge between technology and human being but so far the focus on design has been only limited to the technological innovation and the new opportunities offers by the technological innovations. In current scenario, the design and the design professionals requires revisiting their role and how they have been thinking and practicing design. It has become very critical that the design professionals must look at the social innovation, identify potential cases, use design thinking, sensitivities, capabilities, processes, tools and skills to design new artefacts and provide new directions for technological innovations that are helpful for the human lives, development of our society, and its sustainability. The conference will serve as an opportunity to discuss and present the needs and trends for social innovation. How social innovation can help bridge the gaps between the society, people and business? Is there any framework that can help accelerating the social innovation? What can design and designer do to trigger and direct social innovation? If there any social innovation framework specific to design and designers? How can they conceive and develop favourable contexts and enabling solutions? How can they facilitate the convergence between new technologies and emerging social needs and expectations...

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USID2012 : Design for Mobile and Mobility...

More and more people across the globe are able to connect using mobile phones and devices. Influx of touch-based and gesture-based interfaces flooding the markets especially the upper end of the marketplace. The experiences may need to be device agnostic for some, and may need to be seamless across multiple gadgets that invade our life today. How will you find out what customers want, and then build on it, is going to be the most interesting mobility evolution in the coming years. Especially in the emerging markets, where there are at least 100 different languages that people speak in, Device adoption literacy fluctuates, as frequently, as you could imagine, Accessibility problems need to be tackled, Adoption challenges of solutions and services may need to be personalized, at levels which we cannot even fathom today. All this makes it more critical that the Design Thinking must effectively kick in into this domain...

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